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Assign an Internal TagStation Champion

TagStation Content enables a deeper level of engagement with your broadcast audio in NextRadio.  It increases listening, impacts the growth and retention of FM smartphone listeners, and is the cornerstone of an interactive ecosystem that is valuable for advertisers and TagStation licensees alike. In preparation for the millions of FM-enabled... Read more →

Interactivity Rate is 100x Greater than Industry Norm

Check Out Tracking Results on what Listeners can Hear, See and Interact with on NextRadio Over the past several months, NextRadio has been conducting beta tests on select radio stations to gauge the interactivity response rate within the app.  Interactivities measured were NextRadio buttons the listener tapped on: buy link on... Read more →

It’s Pretty Clear: Content Increases Listening by up to 3 Minutes!

Average Session Length increased by 14.3% – from 19.9 minutes to 22.7 minutes, among the stations analyzed. We recently analyzed 12 million minutes of NextRadio listening across 100 radio stations that switched from displaying only their logo to delivering enhanced content utilizing TagStation’s Full Data service. As it turns out, something as... Read more →