Indianapolis 500 Next Radio Listening
Location of phones tuned to NextRadio at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

When 33 racing engines roar to life, it’s impossible to hear track announcers. And a TV blackout nixes viewing. So fans of the Indianapolis 500 turn to local radio.

Last year, they turned to their phones and the NextRadio app – simply because a couple of radio stations asked them to.

Local sports station WFNI and news/talk WIBC both ran radio spots and on-air mentions to drive NextRadio listening.

First, let’s look at listening for the combined stations during the Indianapolis 500:

  • Number of listeners was up 121% year-over-year
  • People logged 32,042 minutes listening – 186% more than in 2016
  • Session Starts increased 158% versus the 2016 contest
  • Average Session TSL grew 10%

Broken down further, it seems like WFNI received an added boost from its campaign. The station’s year-over-year growth in listening on Race Day can likely also be attributed to its sports format. Still, NextRadio data for WFNI shows:

  • Listener Count up 207%
  • Total TSL up 474%
  • Average Session TSL up 52%
  • Session Starts up 279%

Key learning: Advertising the app drives new listeners and listening

We compared average daily listening for all of 2017 with the day of the race. NextRadio data shows these spikes on May 28:

  • Listener Count up 3,582%
  • Total TSL up 376%
  • Session Starts up 606%

Clearly, the spots and on-air mentions by WIBC and WFNI grew NextRadio listening for the local event.

What’s your new listening opportunity, short of an Indianapolis 500?

Now think about your local experiences. Are there events that you could use to build NextRadio listening? In the end, you benefit – because more listeners means richer data sets. As a result, you get accurate information about your stations and audiences.

Promoting the app is easy.

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