To help with hurricane recovery, NextRadio scrambled to publish an in-app promotion asking radio listeners to click to donate to the American Red Cross. The 9,542 people who viewed the promotion in our Newsfeed responded at a whopping rate of 11.6%.

American Red Cross promotion in the NextRadio app

This happened over a 15-day period from August 29 through September 12. A little level-setting: Click conversion norms are 0.06% for digital advertising and 0.02% for mobile advertising, say Google’s Double Click and the Data and Marketing Association.

The same promotion appeared as a card in the app’s Now Playing screen and delivered 22,781 unique views and a 2.45% click conversion rate – also well above industry norms. The Card appeared for only 11 days, from August 29 through September 12.

Messaging that is close to home is also close to heart for Red Cross

Radio stations and listeners are always generous with their time and money when disaster strikes. And that proved true during the first few weeks of September.

What’s interesting is the home location of NextRadio listeners who both saw and responded to the in-app promotion.

Houston radio stations, at the epicenter of Hurricane Harvey’s deluge, served up 804 unique views. That’s right. The sixth largest radio market delivered the third largest number of unique views, behind New York (1,893) and Los Angeles (1,500).

The fourth most unique ad views came from Miami where people were making their own preparations for and then weathering Hurricane Irma. And there seems to be some real empathy from Sunshine State listeners. Jacksonville listeners were particularly moved by the message, delivering a 4.6% click conversion. The rate was second only to Seattleites. Far from the disaster areas – but dealing with poor air quality and raining ash from northwest wildfires – 5.9% of Seattle listeners who viewed the in-app promotion clicked to make their donation.

We want to thank our NextRadio listeners for stepping up. We’re glad we could play a role in getting supplies where needed by supporting the American Red Cross effort. Radio has and always will be here to help in times of crisis.

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