Do you want to drive TSL for specific shows? Or remind your already-engaged audiences about listening more often? Maybe people who tune in for a certain daypart would enjoy your other programming – but need a way to listen while on-the-go?

Well, you can effectively solve all of the above – simply plan when you run the NextRadio spots.

Heaviest NextRadio listening occurs in dayparts when broadcasters air spots

Data shows highest NextRadio TSL occurs in Weekday Overnights. AM Drive is second, followed by Weekend Overnights. People obviously love what radio serves up during these hours. And it turns out that these hours match up to when people are most likely to hear a NextRadio ad.

According to a recent quarterly analysis of spot placements:

  • 69% of Weekday spots aired Evenings and Overnights, directly correlating with highest TSL  – just shy of 47 minutes
  • 60% of Weekend spots aired 7 pm to midnight and Overnights – TSL averages 43 minutes
  • Sundays received the most plays (20%), followed by Saturdays (17%) and Mondays (15%)

Place spots to actively drive mobile listening via the NextRadio app

Spot placement obviously influences NextRadio listening. So think about when you can most effectively schedule messaging.

Find current pre-produced NextRadio spots here. Or create your own station-specific ads to drive NextRadio listening when your biggest fans are out and about.


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