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Part 4 of NextRadio’s “Loving Radio” Insight Series: Live Radio Reigns for Sports Listeners

Catching the event live on the radio is how the majority of sports radio listeners prefer to hear their game. That’s according to new findings released from a survey of NextRadio listeners. About half (47%) of survey respondents said they prefer listening to the game on live radio. 24% said television, and 12% said via streaming radio or an app. 17% had no preference.

Sports Radio Listeners Love Live Game Listening

The NextRadio sports radio survey also revealed that listeners enjoy the convenience the medium provides while they are on the road. And, they use radio to connect to both the games in the region they’re visiting, as well as to the sports events back home.

More than half (55%) of respondents said they tune in to a local sports station while they are traveling. Almost one-quarter (23%) indicated they listen to hometown sports through their app while on the road.

This convenience is key when a sports radio listener is out of town for the playoffs.
  • 36% of respondents said they turn to radio to listen to championship games.
  • Radio is second only to television during playoff season (48% of respondents listen to sports on TV during the playoffs).
  • 13% of respondents said they stream the playoffs.
  • 2% said they listen to podcasts.
What are they listening to?

The sports radio listener diet includes the country’s major sports – football, baseball, and basketball, but NASCAR/racing, NCAA/college and racing were also listed as genres tuned in to.

SOURCE: NextRadio 2016. The data is derived from a NextRadio online survey of its users. Survey dates: 11/13/16-11/20/16.


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