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Sports Radio Listeners Love Pre-Game and Post-Game Analysis

There are many reasons to love listening to sports on the radio, and NextRadio listeners told us their favorites. According to a recent online survey of our sports listeners, the pre-game and post-game analysis is key – about one-half of sports radio listeners tune into these shows for game analysis.

Live interviews are more important to the post-game show than the pre-game show – with more than a quarter of listeners (26%) tuning in. By contrast, only 14% of pre-game listeners are there for the interviews.

Sports radio listeners are on the go. The majority of respondents say they tune into sports radio in the car (35%), about one-fifth (21%) listen at home and 15% listen at work. Five percent choose to listen at the live sports event itself.

Convenience is a major driver of sports radio listening – 40% of respondents say they listen to sports on the radio because it’s convenient. Twenty-two percent seek to access games or events that are not broadcast on television.

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SOURCE: NextRadio 2016. The data is derived from a NextRadio online survey of its users. Survey dates: 11/13/16-11/20/16.

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