NextRadio | October 2016 White-Paper

About the NextRadio Vote Survey:

Despite the colorful rhetoric, the glitzy conventions, the near-constant pings of Tweets and hashtags, the abundance of memes, and the fact that everyone has something to say about the upcoming election, voters are unenthusiastic.

Recently, NextRadio, the smartphone app that provides free, portable FM radio listening, conducted an in-app survey that asked one simple question:

Election Day 11.8.2016: Do you plan to vote?

As you’ll see in the coming pages, the answer to this question pointed to an unenthusiastic sentiment about the pending election. But, now is the time for campaigns to grow voter enthusiasm and to leverage media in new ways. After all, local and national broadcasters traditionally enjoy an infusion of campaign ad spending during election seasons. This year is no different. A widely cited report from market research firm Borrell Associates says we’re in the midst of a record year for political advertising, with an anticipated $916 Million being spent on radio. It’s our hope that our simple survey will offer campaigns some fresh ideas on how they can leverage radio and mobile media to further their candidates – both nationally and down-ballot.


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