SamsungGalaxyCompatible_smallThere’s been a lot of news coverage about Samsung becoming the first smartphone manufacturer to be NextRadio®-compatible across all carriers. While radio trade publications are widely touting the news, we’ve learned that other industries are also examining the impact of Samsung’s recent announcement. The leading online publication for the wireless tower industry,  “Inside Towers,” recently quoted our own Eric Williams, VP of Wireless Partnerships for NextRadio.

The author wondered: Why do carriers want to be associated with the NextRadio smartphone app?

“NextRadio is a valuable addition to carriers’ ever-growing music portfolios and is a new revenue stream for them,” Eric told the publication. “Over-the-air FM radio through the NextRadio application provides wireless customers with free music, discovery, interaction with their favorite local radio personalities, live news and sports.”

Given the listener numbers we’ve seen spike over the past month in storm-ravaged areas, Eric also mentioned the importance of safety from having FM radio on your smartphone.

“NextRadio also provides carriers redundancy to their emergency alert systems,” Eric is quoted as saying. “During inclement weather and nature disasters, people can use their smartphones to tune into their local affiliates for the latest breaking news in their area.”

More from Eric Williams on the Samsung Announcement

Eric’s our go-to guy for information about smartphones – from the carriers who promote and sell the devices, to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)who  design and manufacture them. So we decided to ask him a number of questions about Samsung. Here’s our conversation:

Can you elaborate on why Samsung’s decision to update their software to support the NextRadio app is so important?

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is the top Android device on the market. It’s even outselling Apple’s iPhone in the U.S. So that’s a lot of phones that are suddenly NextRadio-compatible.

What’s so special about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge?

For the longest time, it was 50/50 Android/Apple in the U.S. Now, Samsung is really putting the heat on Apple. The quality of their products is amazing, and they have set a new standard for the wireless industry. A quick Google search will tell you that I’m not the only person saying this.

You went directly to Samsung and asked if they’d activate NextRadio on their devices. Why?

NextRadio and the greater radio industry will succeed because we’re aligning an eco-system of carriers and OEMs, and working with all players in the space. People want to be able to access local FM radio on their smartphones – it only makes sense to work with one of the world’s largest device manufacturers.



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