Part 2 of NextRadio’s “Loving Radio” Insights Series

We continue to share the results of our Loving Radio series. Today, the topic is localism. For generations, radio has been at the heart of communities across the country. Half (50%) of the NextRadio/Edison Research survey respondents who are FM listeners say they tune in for community news. Almost two-thirds (64%) indicate they listen for news and information.

Listeners actively interact with local radio – both over the air and online. Forty-one percent of respondents indicated they follow a radio station on social media frequently or sometimes, and 41% participate in station contests with this frequency. Thirty-five percent attend local station events and 15% call into a station to discuss a topic at least sometimes.

Listening to FM on the smartphone has proven vital during local emergencies. An analysis of NextRadio usage found that the number of NextRadio listeners increases an average of more than 2.5x and the number of listening sessions increases by 4x during emergency weather situations.

Check-out the previous post in our “Loving Radio” series which highlights survey results on the significance of radio portability.

SOURCE: NextRadio 2016. The data is derived from a NextRadio-Edison online survey of 2,094 adult smartphone users recruited through NextRadio’s database. Survey dates: 4/22/16-5/2/16. Sample base is made up of people who signed up for information about NextRadio.

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