NextRadio has a new look…on the tablet! Previously, you would see the NextRadio smartphone layout blown up to fit a larger screen on your tablet. In this new release, we’ve created a custom layout for tablets that makes better use of the larger screen size and brings the best features of NextRadio to the forefront.

Maximizing the screen real estate by using a landscape layout keeps the station you’re currently listening to front and center. This also gives you the opportunity to browse other stations, check out the Live Guide, or visit your listening history without moving away from the Now Playing info. The tablet design is a three column layout that gives equal view space to station listings by genre, frequency, favorites, or Live Guide in the left column, the Now Playing details in the center column, and the right column allows you to see content related to the currently playing song or radio station’s show without requiring you to scroll down, as you do on the current smartphone design.

Current tablets that are FM enabled and available for NextRadio use are Samsung Galaxy Tab E, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Slate 8″ and Slate 10″ on the Sprint network. Make sure your radio station’s content is creating a great experience for the growing number of tablet users. Click here to learn more about our Content Acceleration Team and how we can help!

Still need to get your station on NextRadio? Learn more by contacting our Sales Team at or 317-684-2952.

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