TagStation Content enables a deeper level of engagement with your broadcast audio in NextRadio.  It increases listening, impacts the growth and retention of FM smartphone listeners, and is the cornerstone of an interactive ecosystem that is valuable for advertisers and TagStation licensees alike.

In preparation for the millions of FM-enabled phones being rolled out by AT&T and manufacturer BLU in 2016, stations must meet basic TagStation content standards to take full advantage of the opportunity in front of us.  You can help by working with your team to identify an internal TagStation champion at each local entity, someone who will understand the system from front to back, and ensure that the basic tasks around managing TagStation Content are being completed at the local station level.

The internal TagStation champion should:

Additional ways your internal champion can help :

Not fully licensed with TagStation yet? Contact our sales team to learn more about the benefits at sales@tagstation.com or 317-684-2952.

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