10 Million+ New BLU Customers Annually Will Now Enjoy NextRadio as the Native FM Radio App

Beginning in 2016, BLU Products will start installing the NextRadio® app as the native FM tuner for all its new Android devices. This partnership gives BLU’s 30 million smartphone users all over the world the ability to immediately download the NextRadio app and gain a more robust FM radio listening experience.

“BLU Products is excited about NextRadio providing a better FM radio listening experience on its smartphones,” said Mariana Ferreira, Sr Director of Business Development, BLU Products. “This is a great win for all BLU customers who will now enjoy a new, free entertainment option, as well as a benefit for us to be able to offer unique features that set our products apart from the rest.”

Make sure your station is ready for these new listeners!

We encourage you to learn more about TagStation’s Full Data Service, which enables you to synchronize broadcast audio with album art, images of your on-air personalities and enhanced advertising.  Email our Sales Manager, Libby Hiple, at sales@tagstation.com to sign up or call 317.684.2952 to request a demo today.


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