Verizon says that better matters, but better for who? Let your listeners know that they deserve FREE local radio on their smartphones! NextRadio would allow them to access your radio station without draining their battery or using a ton of data

We are starting a series of Verizon consumer videos. Check out the first video below in our series demonstrating the difference between a customer that has NextRadio and a Verizon customer that doesn’t.
Verizon Vide 3

Help YOUR listeners have access to your station through NextRadio. 

1. Follow NextRadio on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

2. Retweet/Share posts that we send out urging customers to contact Verizon and demand the FM chip activation in their smartphones

3. Visit our Verizon Campaign page to get all the social media posts, images, videos, radio spots and more to support the campaign.

Please share this with your social media staff and have them copy and post any or all of the following to your station or personal Facebook and Twitter accounts: 

  • Do you want (INSERT STATION NAME) on your @Verizon smartphone without using tons of data? Help #unlockFM: #bettermatters
  • Want to listen to us more with no data on your @Verizon smartphone? Show your support to #unlockFM: @NextRadioApp
  • Hey @Verizon, your customers want to listen to us with no data using @NextRadioapp on their smartphone! #unlockFM
  • If you want @NextRadioapp on your @Verizon smartphone help us #unlockFM and RT: #bettermatters
  • If you want to listen to us using NO DATA go here and tweet your support to @Verizon: #unlockFM #bettermatters

Individual Postings: 

  • I want to unlock the FM chip in my @Verizon smartphone. #unlockFM #bettermatters
  • If you really knew me, you’d know I want free FM radio in my @Verizon smartphone! #unlockFM #bettermatters
  • Free the FM chip for @Verizon phones! Radio shouldn’t have to use my data! #bettermatters #unlockFM
  • If you really knew me @Verizon, you’d know I want access to emergency updates with @NextRadioApp! #unlockFM
  • It’s an injustice @Verizon to not have access to emergency weather updates with @NextRadioapp! #unlockFM #bettermatters

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