Check Out Tracking Results on what Listeners can Hear, See and Interact with on NextRadio

Over the past several months, NextRadio has been conducting beta tests on select radio stations to gauge the interactivity response rate within the app.  Interactivities measured were NextRadio buttons the listener tapped on: buy link on album artwork, buy song, dislike, like, share and save.


  • Average 6.65% Interactivity Rate Compared to Industry Norm of .060%
  • 4% Purchase Intent Response Rate Across all Artists

Below is a glimpse at the results from one of the artist’s test. To view more results, check out the entire press release.

Interactivity Chart

Your Radio Station can Benefit from these Listening and Interactivity Results

Listeners are interacting with radio stations that are displaying enhanced content by utilizing TagStation’s Full Data ServicesTo take advantage of future listening benefits in NextRadio through TagStation, contact Libby Hiple, Sales Manager at

For a stations that are using TagStation’s Full Data Services, watch these training videos and keep maximizing content for your radio stations.

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