In NextRadio, an average listening session reaches up to 21 minutes during weekdays.
10.3 minutes in traditional radio1
8.9 minutes in music apps2
21 minutes in NextRadio

“Double the average listening session in NextRadio provides broadcasters with a great message to share with advertisers on the value of offering an enhanced ad on NextRadio. They now have a platform that engages consumers longer, provides next day reporting and delivers above average interactivity rates,” said Paul Brenner, President,  NextRadio

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Increased Time Spent Listening = More Opportunity for Your Stations & Advertisers!

Radio Stations that switch from displaying Logo Only to utilizing TagStation’s Full Data Services to enhance content to NextRadio see dramatic changes in listening sessions.

See and Hear FM Radio: Bring your station to life with album artwork and listener interactions. Synchronized visuals and metadata provide a rich experience for your audience as they listen. View video »

Interactive Radio Programming: Make your on-air programming more accessible and engaging! Create and send relevant content in sync with your broadcast to drive engagement and listener retention. View video »

Generate Revenue: Enhance your on-air spots with interactive content. Your sales team increases revenue while providing listeners with a fresh FM radio experience that is visual, interactive, portable, and local. View video »

To learn more about how your station can start increasing listening in NextRadio through TagStation’s Full Data Services, contact Libby Hiple, Sales Manager at

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