Average Session Length increased by 14.3% – from 19.9 minutes to 22.7 minutes, among the stations analyzed.

We recently analyzed 12 million minutes of NextRadio listening across 100 radio stations that switched from displaying only their logo to delivering enhanced content utilizing TagStation’s Full Data service. As it turns out, something as simple as displaying album art and program-related information, along with the ability to interact with the content in real time, has a dramatic impact on listening. For more details on our analysis, click HERE.

Listening increases by 14.3% Average Session Length going from Free to Full TagStation Services.

  • 22.6 minutes ASL among Music stations                      
    • 14% ASL increase for Music stations
  • 30.5 minutes ASL among Talk stations
    • 30% ASL increase for Talk stations

Average Session Length increases by 3 minutes going from Free to Full TagStation Services (within the first three months).

Formats with highest Average Session Length increase (from Free to Full):

  • Adult Hits: +40%
  • Country: +30%
  • Sports: +27%
  • Spanish Music: +20%
  • Hip Hop: +10%

These are the results of 12 million+ minutes of NextRadio listening data for 100 stations analyzed that recently switched from displaying Logo Only to utilizing TagStation’s Full Data Services to enhance content to NextRadio.

Our analysis covered the three months preceding each station’s switch vs. the first three months of listening data after their switch. For more details on our analysis, click HERE.

To learn more about how your station can start increasing listening in NextRadio through TagStation’s Full Data Services, contact Libby Hiple, Sales Manager at sales@tagstation.com.  

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