If we create a buzz around NextRadio, they download! 3.1M and growing! It can be as simple as just getting the word out about how cool the app is, as well as, the essential need for FM radio within the smartphone. Lately, we hope that everyone would agree NextRadio is top of mind for those not only in the industry but also for listeners. Thanks in part to our recent feature in the Los Angeles Times and the NAB Awareness Campaign, but also many more promotions taking place.

In this post, we’ll talk about all the recent advertisements surrounding NextRadio and how your station can help make a difference. There are several different ways that stations can help further the conversation around activating the FM chip on the smartphone and utilizing NextRadio, not only for the interactive listener experience but the emergency aspect that can be beneficial when needed the most. More of that to come. But first, here’s where NextRadio stands today…
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With a Little Help From our Friends

Recently, we have received an outpouring of support from our friends at Sprint and our new friends at Amazon. Both have been extremely generous with providing NextRadio mobile banner advertisements within their applications.

To celebrate the availability of NextRadio on the Amazon App Store, Amazon is providing ads throughout the app store over the next several weeks. Last week, we were featured in a new release email to Amazon consumers.

Sprint has always shown great support of NextRadio and their latest round ofSprint Fun & Games App Home Screen 2 promotions is no exception. Currently, we have banners featured within the Sprint Fun & Games App. Sprint is also helping feature NextRadio within 63 GameLoft app games. So, next time you’re playing Spider Man or Age of Sparta, look for one of the 24 NextRadio banners rotating throughout the game.
We’re also thrilled that within the next few weeks, Sprint will be sending a push notification to all consumers that have NextRadio preloaded on their smartphones. We look forward to sharing those figures in next month’s blog .

We need your help too!

We are very grateful to Sprint and Amazon for spreading the message about NextRadio and you can help make a difference too. Without the radio industry’s support, consumers would not be aware they can listen to FM radio through their smartphone and utilize NextRadio for a unique listening experience.

NextRadio_Emergency Tornado usage of NextRadio

On June 22, nine tornados touched down in Northern Illinois. During this time, NextRadio doubled in overall listening time and increased app usage by 200%! Unique listeners increased 64% and unique sessions rose 100%, compared to the usage statistics from one week prior.

Listeners knew they could count on local FM radio to keep them informed through the NextRadio app. This data shows that as we all know, radio is very relevant in times of emergency and we need to meet our listeners where they are…and that’s on their smartphones.

Supported by these great statistics, we need to continue the effort of building awareness about FM chips in smartphones and NextRadio. Thank you to everyone that has participated in the NextRadio Awareness Campaign. This industry-wide marketing effort is supported by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and we are so pleased that the majority of broadcasters have approved to continue running these radio spots.

On July 1, we started Flight Three of the awareness campaign. We have a variety of spots available to air and many new ones. Don’t forget to download and utilize the NextRadio graphics available for promotion on your radio station’s mobile, website, Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, etc.

This is a team effort and it is imperative we keep running the radio spots. Research has indicated that our listeners want FM on their smartphones, and they will listen when it is activated. The radio spots can be found at www.nextradioapp.com/promote.

Another way to help bring NextRadio to listeners is through our new blog! We launched our consumer focused blog on July 6. The NextRadio blog will highlight music and radio news, app developments, and highlight radio DJ’s from all around the country. It will also serve as a platform for readers to voice their comments and share content on their personal social media channels.

The blog will ultimately aim to make it easy for readers to get all of the newsworthy highlights in the radio and music business in one place. With the continued growth and success of NextRadio, we are looking forward to this next step in providing a unique experience for radio and music fans. Make sure you check out the blog at nextradioapp.com/blog and help us spread the word by posting the blog to your social media channels.

Moving Forward

LG VoltII Continued progress with phones… Boost Mobile introduced the LG Volt 2™ on June 29th, preloaded with NextRadio. Keep your eyes open for two more phones coming on the market soon. Sprint is releasing the Samsung Grand Prime on July 10 and on Sprint Prepaid Plans, the HTC Desire 626 will be available on July 13; both will be preloaded with NextRadio.

We look forward to sharing continued success and growth. Cheers until next month!

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