Oh, Super Bowl… a time when people were thinking about parties, appetizers, maybe a new TV? Or if you were like half the viewing audience, you were in it for the commercials. Big Game advertising meant big bucks; a mere $4 million got you a 30-second spot this year. It had us thinking: Why not update you on the NextRadio proposition of reaching more of your audience with a bit more gusto? With some recent milestones and listening trending the way it has been, enhanced ad sales through NextRadio are something we can all be planning for in the very near future. And it won’t cost you $4 mil unless you would like to prepay for TagStation services for the next 9,523 years.

SO! Below we have a review of NextRadio’s enhanced content capabilities and some new figures to whet your appetite. But first…

By the Numbers

  • Over 1,575,000 app downloads
  • Over 11,160 FM radio stations tuned to from the app
  • Over 2,630,000 hours of listening through NextRadio
  • A 4/5 Google Play Store user rating

NextRadio’s Interactivity is the Game Changer

Think of any promotion your station is currently running: Ticket giveaways, a live broadcast event, a radio-thon, special in-studio guest, etc. Now imagine quickly and easily adding immediate points of action to those on-air spots that could cause a serious surge in audience engagement. Best of all, those points of action are right in the palm of your listener’s hand.

That’s what TagStation allows you to do with your station programming for the NextRadio app. This post is bespeckled with just a small sample of real station program enhancements whose actions can include:

  • Place phone call
  • Send text message
  • Visit website
  • Add event to calendar
  • Map location
  • Get coupon

In addition, all broadcast events automatically let your listener do the following:

  • Like or dislike
  • Save for later
  • View from history
  • Social media sharing

Because listening measurement for NextRadio flows into us in real time, we know that stations providing a level of interactivity – even if it’s just station branding – have more listening through NextRadio than those stations that don’t. Making that one-to-one, multi-level connection with the listener takes your great programming and does something even greater on the smartphone.

And as Gordon Smith points out in a recent NAB@Work newsletter, “Ultimately, a robust broadcast radio presence in smartphones depends on you. The more stations are providing exciting, interactive hybrid radio content via users’ smartphones, the more popular these products will become. We encourage you to get on board with NextRadio and the hybrid radio experience in 2015.”

The Payoff

When looking at consumer response to the interactivity in NextRadio, we are encouraged. One NY station we sampled has an average of one interaction per 10 impressions by unique users (or a 10% rate of interactivity). That rate of interactivity increases to 13% for the station’s popular nightly radio show.

reporting_collageOn January 21st*, NextRadio reached a milestone of one million minutes of app listening in one day. So when you consider that along side recent predicted listening and device growth, those interaction percentages potentially equal massive amounts of audience engagement.

With that in mind, the industry is now watching NextRadio regarding the potential to make money though enhanced advertising opportunities using this interactivity. We’re actively meeting now with major advertising firms across the nation with this information to introduce them and their clients to the benefits of interactive NextRadio campaigns, and the combination of mass radio reach and digital targeting possibilities have been very well received.

Just last month at CES 2015, McDonald’s chief marketing officer Deborah Wahl says the company is looking for ways to think big but act small when it comes to personalizing and targeting messages. “A big powerful idea that can be contextually relevant is always better than relentless activity.”

TagStation will allow advertisers a brand new, efficient way to engage the radio audiences they already touch with their messages. If you haven’t yet, contact us immediately to get your station up and running on TagStation to take advantage of programming enhancements available right now as well as those advertising opportunities the future will bring.

Moving Forward

Continued progress with phones… the Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE, which was already supporting NextRadio through Boost Mobile, is now available on Virgin Mobile and Sprint prepaid plans. Visit our growing list of supported devices to see if you may be able to enjoy NextRadio on your current phone too! If not, here’s a good place to sound off about it.

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more exciting news. In the meantime, we’re continuing to spread the message about the importance of radio in smartphones as a lifeline in emergencies, and will continue to show the benefits of the NextRadio app with representation at both EBU’s Digital Radio Summit in Geneva, Switzerland and the Winter Meeting of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners in D.C.


* Correction! NextRadio’s first million-minute day was actually a few days earlier than originally reported – on January 21st.