Welcome back, friends. This week, on top of some compelling new data about how our listeners are using the NextRadio app, we’ll try a little something new. It’s a Q&A! Questions about our products abound. They come in through our website, Facebook, Twitter, feedback in the app’s interface, TagStation support, from the media, and from you personally as we navigate this together. It’s especially important that we keep an open dialogue and fill in any knowledge gaps since so many of you are out there in the field advocating for us and hearing these questions pop up too.

By The Numbers

Before we dive into those FAQs, here’s an update of our regularly collected data followed by some new discoveries about our NextRadio app users…

  • Over 83,000 app downloads and climbing at over 1,000 new each day
  • Over 5,500 FM radio stations tuned to from the app
  • Over 43,000 hours of listening through NextRadio
  • A 4.4/5.0 Google Play Store user rating

A Special Report About Listening Habits

So, as we mentioned in our last post, we now have enough time under our belts and user data to begin to do some serious user engagement analysis. What we’re looking for here is the app’s “stickiness” by looking into the listening habits of individuals over time. A measurement in the mobile app world that serves to show this is a 30-day user retention rate: What percentage of people who had their first listening session within a given week returned to have another listening session within the next 30 days. Here’s what we found out. Our 30-day user retention is approximately 32%. That is, 32% of active users remained active 30 days later.

How does this compare to other mobile apps? The jury still seems to be out on what’s average, good or bad. Fred Wilson of USV set a bar a couple years ago that 30% was an average 30-day user retention rate, and since then, it’s remained about the same with other analytics firms like Flurry and Localytics ranging from 15% being low to 50% being very good. Mixpanel Mobile Analytics offers up this great perspective. Most importantly though, what we have now is our own benchmark. Knowing this information, we can strive to improve our stickiness and know when we’re successful.

ben_bezWhat can we collectively do to improve that number? Well, we’re glad you asked. Using the same data that provided us with the 32% 30-day user retention rate, we segmented those users into two groups to attempt to learn even more. Group A were users who had spent a significant listening session on a station providing full data delivery (album art, metadata, and interactivity) and Group B were users who also had significant listening sessions but only on non-participating stations or those only delivering a logo. You can probably see where we’re going with this… The average user retention rate for those who have had the full NextRadio experience was 10% higher. Our data also shows that not only were more full experience users still active 30 days later, but they had 32% MORE listening sessions and 25% LONGER sessions when they tuned into the app.

This underlines the urgency for data delivery to make NextRadio a success. These were all beliefs we held from the start – that people engaging with their stations will listen longer and be more compelled to come back again – but these new metrics are hard proof of that. If your stations are currently not participating or only participating at the free logo level, please consider supporting the future of NextRadio by using TagStation to deliver the full app experience.

One last interesting note: Of the people who have opened and used the app at least once, if they’ve spent as little as 5 minutes listening to a station, the average 30-day user retention rate makes a 40% jump (from 13% to 55%). This speaks to the hypothesis that seeing is believing. It doesn’t take long for them to realize the value of what they’re holding in their hand.

Your Questions Answered

So let’s answer some questions. We invite you to contact us with others as they come up, and we’ll keep this segment going to keep the information flowing.

If the app is pre-loaded on supported phones, why do you need to count downloads?
The app is preloaded on NextRadio-enabled phones as a “stub app”. Think of it like a desktop shortcut. When a user clicks the app’s icon to activate it, a request is made to the Google Play Store and it is then downloaded to the phone. This serves two purposes: it saves space on the phone and ensures that when the app is loaded up, it’s the most current version.

Why such limited availability? When can we expect other carriers?
To date, Sprint is the first carrier to work with the radio industry on a commercial FM radio smartphone solution. In order to grow the availability to other carriers or handset makers the first step is to prove radio can deliver a unified and innovative solution along with consumer usage data that shows real demand.

Why are you excited about your number of downloads? Have you seen how many downloads Pandora and iHeartRadio have?
Of course we have! And we’re all looking forward to the day we enjoy similar success, but there are several things that need to happen before we can even get close. As we’ve talked about in the past, Sprint was an innovator in this deal with our radio industry and truly believed that people would value real FM radio in their smartphones. Until we can convince every carrier in the United States and beyond to adopt a similar mind frame on the subject, we won’t have even close to the same opportunity that those other apps have to reach the entire smartphone population. Right now, comparing us to them is like comparing apples to oranges. They have been in the marketplace for years, unlimited availability, heavy monetary investments with both cash and marketing, and a complete product experience to boast. The way to convince other carriers and phone manufacturers is by showing successes with our current and flagship deal with Sprint. And we’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished in our few months in the marketplace so far.

Moving Forward

As mentioned in the last update, improvements to TagStation functionality are on their way. If you haven’t yet, head over to this page to sign up for an upcoming live training session. Also on the horizon, we’re excited to be at CES next month where NextRadio will be on display!

We’ll leave you with a feel-good moment: some of our latest reviews from the Google Play Store:

Cool  December 07 2013
– Earl Williams

Excellent!  December 06 2013
Flawless, Great app so far on my Note 3.
– Khoi Nguyen

Great on my note 3  December 05 2013
Works perfectly, great on battery usage, would love am stations, they carry all the local sports
– Scott Hill

Great Radio App  December 04 2013
Tried other apps to listen to the radio. This app is actually the best of all of them.! & it’s free.
– Mikel Gipke

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for a holiday update in a couple weeks!

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