NewBay Media recognized Dial Report with its 2017 Best of Show Award, presented by Radio World magazine. The product stood out among a panel of industry experts who evaluated entries for “design, features, cost-efficiency and performance in service professional users.”

Part of NextRadio’s “Loving Radio” Insights Series Sports Radio Listeners Love Pre-Game and Post-Game Analysis There are many reasons to love listening to sports on the radio, and NextRadio listeners told us their favorites. According to a recent online survey  Continue reading »

  There’s been a lot of news coverage about Samsung becoming the first smartphone manufacturer to be NextRadio®-compatible across all carriers. While radio trade publications are widely touting the news, we’ve learned that other industries are also examining the impact of Samsung’s recent announcement.  Continue reading »

For generations, radio has been at the heart of communities across the country. Half (50%) of the NextRadio/Edison Research survey respondents who are FM listeners say they tune in for community news.

It was great to see familiar faces at NAB like, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and NAB CTO, Sam Matheny (both featured in image). We also enjoyed meeting new people from both the radio broadcast and advertisement industries. The key messages for  Continue reading »