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NextRadio Listeners Open Wallets to Red Cross

To help with hurricane recovery, NextRadio scrambled to publish an in-app promotion asking radio listeners to click to donate to the American Red Cross. The 9,542 people who viewed the promotion in our Newsfeed responded at a whopping rate of 11.6%. This happened over a 15-day period from August 29 through September 12. A little level-setting: Click conversion norms are... Read more →

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Loving Live Games on the Radio

Part 4 of NextRadio’s “Loving Radio” Insight Series: Live Radio Reigns for Sports Listeners Catching the event live on the radio is how the majority of sports radio listeners prefer to hear their game. That’s according to new findings released from a survey of NextRadio listeners. About half (47%) of survey respondents said they prefer listening to the game on live... Read more →

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Loving Sports on the Radio

Part of NextRadio’s “Loving Radio” Insights Series Sports Radio Listeners Love Pre-Game and Post-Game Analysis There are many reasons to love listening to sports on the radio, and NextRadio listeners told us their favorites. According to a recent online survey of our sports listeners, the pre-game and post-game analysis is key – about one-half of sports radio listeners tune into... Read more →

Series of Events Escalates Safety Discussion of FM Radio in Smartphones

On Wednesday, October 5, the National Association of Broadcasters  hosted a webinar on FM chips in smartphones. The discussion touched on status of hybrid radio and activation of the FM chip by carriers and manufacturers. But upon mention of an FCC recommendation that smartphone users receive vital information in emergency situations “particularly when the wireless network is down or overloaded,” the conversation abruptly turned to a major... Read more →

A Lucky Listener Will Win $10,000 from NextRadio®

Radio and big money just seem to go together. And NextRadio® is going extreme by giving away $10,000 to one lucky listener! The contest aims to get more people tuning in to their favorite FM radio stations – your local stations – wherever they go, right on their phones. Entering is as simple as downloading the NextRadio app from the Google Play Store.... Read more →

Why Samsung’s Compatibility Is Big News

  There’s been a lot of news coverage about Samsung becoming the first smartphone manufacturer to be NextRadio®-compatible across all carriers. While radio trade publications are widely touting the news, we’ve learned that other industries are also examining the impact of Samsung’s recent announcement. The leading online publication for the wireless tower industry,  “Inside Towers,” recently quoted our own Eric Williams, VP of Wireless Partnerships... Read more →

The Heartland Tunes In To Radio For Earthquake News

Compared with weekday morning drive, radio listening on Saturdays is usually a little soft. Except when everyone is shaken out of bed by a 5.6 magnitude earthquake, like the one that occurred in Oklahoma Saturday, September 3. The number of listeners more than tripled that day in some 20 Oklahoma radio markets, including the nearby cities of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. NextRadio® in-app analysis showed 3.4... Read more →

Oh No, Kokomo! Tornado Warning Drives Listening Up By 4 Times The Weekly Average

NextRadio® in-app data shows how people use FM radio during a weather emergency We know that people tune to the radio when skies darken. But just how many? And for how long? We learned a lot recently in the Gulf Coast and even more on August 24, when an EF-3 tornado struck our neighboring city of Kokomo, Indiana. (It lies about 60 miles north of... Read more →

NextRadio® App Shows August Weather Events Drove People To Radio

NextRadio® app average session listening minutes in four Gulf Coast states spiked 10.2% in  August. Perhaps not surprisingly, the heaviest listening correlated with some of the summer’s nastiest weather on August 3-5, and epic flooding that occurred the next week. Using NextRadio’s in-app analysis, we look at data across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. We found that the average session listening time had increased 10.2%... Read more →

Loving Radio (and its Portability)!

Part 1 of NextRadio’s “Loving Radio” Insights Series So many of us have such a passion for radio—the music, the personalities, and its effectiveness in reaching audiences both national and local. At NextRadio, we are building the next generation of radio through progressing the medium in-step with our listeners and advertisers. We’re taking an insights-centric approach to do this by... Read more →

NextRadio at NAB 2016

It was great to see familiar faces at NAB like, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and NAB CTO, Sam Matheny (both featured in image). We also enjoyed meeting new people from both the radio broadcast and advertisement industries. The key messages for NextRadio this year were content increases listening, AT&T phones now compatible and we unveiled the data NextRadio provides broadcasters and... Read more →

NextRadio and IBS Launch College Radio Spot Contest

NextRadio is seeking the best sixty second radio spot to include in the upcoming awareness campaign. NextRadio is teaming up with Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) in search of the best sixty second radio spots promoting NextRadio. Prizes will be awarded to the top three participants. The first place winner will have their radio spot included in the upcoming NextRadio National... Read more →

NextRadio at CES 2016

This is an exciting week to be in Las Vegas at CES! Our NextRadio team is showcasing some awesome new advancements this week. NextRadio is cohosting an after-hours event with BLU Products, Inc. entitled the Gold Party taking place at MGM Grand at Hakkasan. BLU is showcasing the newly announced Vivo 5 and Vivo XL, both in shiny gold and featuring... Read more →

NextRadio Gets a Face Lift on the Tablet

NextRadio has a new look…on the tablet! Previously, you would see the NextRadio smartphone layout blown up to fit a larger screen on your tablet. In this new release, we’ve created a custom layout for tablets that makes better use of the larger screen size and brings the best features of NextRadio to the forefront. Maximizing the screen real estate by using... Read more →

TagStation Adds Content Acceleration Team

NextRadio knows that the more interactive content that each station provides through TagStation, leads to more listener engagement and more time spent listening…..up to four times more listening. Radio stations rely on TagStation’s automated functions to ensure their music, news, talk, sports stations look as good as they sound in NextRadio. Did you know that your station’s broadcast schedule can also be... Read more →

TagStation® Price Reduction

Discounted TagStation Fee: Now only $10/month per FM analog station! No Set-Up Fee! Sign Up Now: Contact Libby Hiple at 317-684-2952 or Don’t miss a great opportunity for your station to take advantage of engaging with your listeners in a new way and preparing for sales opportunities with NextRadio powered by TagStation. In 2016, NextRadio will be available on 60... Read more →

Help Your Listeners Gain Access to Your Station through NextRadio!

Verizon says that better matters, but better for who? Let your listeners know that they deserve FREE local radio on their smartphones! NextRadio would allow them to access your radio station without draining their battery or using a ton of data We are starting a series of Verizon consumer videos. Check out the first video below in our series demonstrating the difference between a customer that... Read more →

Get Verizon to Activate the FM Chip for Millions of Listeners!

Verizon customers should have access to FREE local FM radio and the ability to listen to YOUR station through NextRadio. Today is National Get To Know Your Customers Day and we want to ask Verizon, do you really know your customers? Verizon needs to know that their customers want FM radio on their smartphones without using a ton of data or draining their battery like streaming apps do. Check out the... Read more →

Congratulations to College Radio Spot Contest Winners!

Thomas Baker III, a freshman at Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois won first place in the NextRadio and CBI College Radio Spot Contest with his creative radio spot entitled, Data Pigs. The radio spot is featured in the fourth flight of the NextRadio National Awareness Campaign which started October 1 and runs through December 31, 2015. The NextRadio National Awareness... Read more →

Today is National Preparathon Day. Learn how to be Ready!

Do you and your loved ones have a plan in place for emergency situations such as floods, wildfires, hurricanes, or power outages? If not, you might want to call a family meeting and discuss how you can stay safe during emergency weather situations. Here are some tips to help get prepared on National Preparathon Day, per Be Informed—Learn what different... Read more →

NextRadio Usage Dramatically Increases During Emergencies

September is National Preparedness Month, and NextRadio is partnering with FEMA to support the initiative to help draw attention to the need for families to discuss and create a plan in case of an emergency.  New data from NextRadio reveals that during an emergency weather situation: NextRadio listeners increase more than 2.5 times NextRadio listening sessions increase by 4... Read more →

T-Mobile Says YES to the FM Chip!

Tens of thousands of customers reached out to T-Mobile asking them to unlock the FM chip in smartphones, allowing customers to use NextRadio! They have listened!    T-Mobile CEO, John Legere tweeted out that he will support the activation of the FM chip with NextRadio in smartphones! Check out the video below from NextRadio’s President, Paul Brenner saying thanks to you and T-Mobile for... Read more →

Help Get NextRadio on T-Mobile!

Reach out to T-Mobile and ask them to unlock their smartphone FM chips, allowing their customers to listen to your radio station on NextRadio! Join the #sayyestotheFMchip Campaign by showing your support on Twitter and Facebook! It takes one click. Check out this week’s video message from NextRadio’s President, Paul Brenner. He asks a T-Mobile customer if they want FM radio on their smartphone and urges T-Mobile CEO, John Legere to... Read more →

Help Get NextRadio on T-Mobile!

Recently, John Legere, President of T-Mobile announced that he is “setting music free” by giving consumers what they want in music. He forgot to give access to FREE FM radio including NextRadio, the FREE app that allows you to see and hear local FM radio. Check out this video message from NextRadio’s President, Paul Brenner encouraging T-Mobile to let their subscribers access FREE... Read more →

NextRadio and CBI Launch College Radio Spot Contest

NextRadio is seeking the best sixty second radio spot to include in the upcoming NAB National Awareness Campaign. NextRadio is teaming up with College Broadcasters, Inc. (CBI) in search of the best sixty second radio spots promoting NextRadio. Prizes will be awarded to the top three participants. The first place winner will have their radio spot included in the upcoming NAB National... Read more →

Learning TagStation: Now even easier!

In creating the TagStation system for the radio industry, a main and overarching priority was to make it EASY – easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to do. We wanted the people already immersed in the ins-and-outs of running a station to see this as an extension of the content they’re already putting out to listeners, and have... Read more →

NAB Show and Beyond

It was really great to connect with many of you again this year at the 2015 NAB Show and update you on NextRadio progress – progress that has come about thanks to the participation of broadcasters all over the country and tireless efforts to bring so many moving parts together to create a strong and unified voice. Again this year,... Read more →

2015 NAB Show Preview + Chat with Jeff

It’s that time again! We’re packing up our giant phone and heading to Vegas with lots to show you. Will you be there? What can you expect to see from us this year? Will you spot a mohawk? All of your important questions will be answered April 11th in NextRadio Booth C8049. More details below. Leading up to the show... Read more →

Listeners, you (should) have an option.

“Entertainment when you want it, information when you need it.” And so begins our journey to yell it from the mountaintop: Radio lovers, you probably have an FM receiver right in the palm of your hand. Last week, a press release announcing the beginning of an over-the-air campaign to promote the availability of FM radio on mobile devices went out... Read more →

Audiences Engaged

Oh, Super Bowl… a time when people were thinking about parties, appetizers, maybe a new TV? Or if you were like half the viewing audience, you were in it for the commercials. Big Game advertising meant big bucks; a mere $4 million got you a 30-second spot this year. It had us thinking: Why not update you on the NextRadio... Read more →

CES 2015 Wrap-up

Happy new year, friends! If you were lucky enough to enjoy the relative warmth of Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show last week (it was below zero in Indy & Chicago), you probably caught on to a few recurring themes amidst the chaos of all that was up-and-coming. Standing out were automobile tech, mobile tech, and the “internet of things”... Read more →

CES 2015 Preview

Closing in on the end of 2014, we find ourselves proud to have had a terrific year that saw new partnerships, new support, and a bold new release of the NextRadio app, but also excited for what next year has in store. One of the first orders of business is an appearance at January’s International Consumer Electronics Show – more... Read more →

Speaking Volumes

Still in a Thanksgiving food coma? Well, relax and read a bit. We’ve got a fun update to share. From the beginning, one of the biggest obstacles in the way of this NextRadio endeavor has been the number of supported devices in the marketplace. It’s difficult to get consumers excited about something they can’t experience for themselves, and the “seeing... Read more →

On Listeners and Listening

Because we’re immersed everyday in the battle to activate FM chips in smartphones, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that in much of the country, and even to technology gurus like The Boston Globe’s Hiawatha Bray, the idea that there are FM receivers in smartphones is still new. In his great Boston Globe article from last week, that... Read more →

A push in the right direction

Every now and then, we can all use a little help from our friends, and on the heels of our big update to the NextRadio app, Sprint delivered us a sizable boost that we’d like to highlight in this post. Momentum continues to grow as word of the app reaches circles outside of our own and people begin to understand... Read more →

A Million and More

At this year’s Dash Conference in Detroit, speakers and panelists asked what the future holds for how drivers consume entertainment, information and advertisements in a connected car, and what will radio look like in that context? Larry Rosin of Edison Research says 67 percent of audio in cars is AM/FM radio. But how quickly will that change? It’s a recurring... Read more →

NextRadio at (and in) Dash

Well, hello again! Thanks for stopping by. At the Radio Show last month, TagStation announced a new partnership with iBiquity to deliver a next-generation broadcast solution for the connected automobile dashboard, and what better way to continue that discussion than at the Dash Conference next week in Detroit? In this week’s quick update, we’ll talk a little about our presence... Read more →

Radio Show in Review

It may have been impossible to NOT hear about NextRadio at the RAB/NAB Radio Show a couple weeks ago. It was called out in keynotes, highlighted in sessions, and drew crowds on the show floor… and for good reason! If you’re a fan of live and local radio (research shows that you probably are), there’s just no debate about whether... Read more →

2014 Radio Show Preview

You may have heard from our recent announcement that as NextRadio enters its second year on the market, the TagStation team is ready to knock your socks off with a major update to the app. We’re encouraging broadcasters and members of the media to join us for a press conference showcasing what’s next for radio listening, viewing, and interactivity. It’s... Read more →

Happy Birthday, NextRadio!

On August 15th of last year, a press release went out to the world announcing a partnership between the radio industry and Sprint that would bring a unique, over-the-air FM listening experience to the smartphone. ONE smartphone, but hey, it was a start! There was a tough road ahead, as this compelling new listening experience required cooperation and support from... Read more →

Survey says…

FEEDBACK, and lots of it: You can’t create a great product without it. Am I right? Encouraged and inspired by the fantastic NextRadio survey results recently provided by Coleman Insights, we’ve decided to keep the feedback ball rolling. In this post, we’ll continue hightlighting user feedback – but this time it’s all about TagStation users. Many of the questions we... Read more →

A ReinCARnation

“We used to own the dashboard,” said Paul Jacobs in our Connected Car Webinar on the 16th. “Things have changed.” This was the quote that stuck with me personally while watching Paul Jacobs and Paul Brenner set the stage for the changes already taking place toward connected, interactive dashboards in automobiles. More choices and more personalization have lead to an... Read more →

Turning the Tide

As we talked about in our last post, one of the difficulties with regard to starting any kind of consumer marketing for NextRadio so far has been that the app didn’t start out with a compelling amount of station content – the kind of content that delivers on the potential of the app: a visual, immersive experience with the live,... Read more →

Making an Impact

The journey toward making FM radio available in smartphones and NextRadio a household name has asked a lot of broadcasters including partnership, faith, funds, and some extra effort to make the app’s experience great. And though that has been the focus of these posts for several weeks now, we thought it would be a good time to shed some light... Read more →

Join us, won’t you?

I was just sitting around thinking about how great TagStation is, and you know what makes it really special? It’s multi-purpose. Think of it like a content hub. TagStation takes events that come out of your station’s automation system and links them to extras – data, images, and interactions. Now you have an enhanced song, spot, or promotion that’s ready... Read more →

The Content Connection

What matters to you as broadcasters reading about the progress of NextRadio? On our end, it’s a way to be transparent to all of you who have invested in its success. We also strive to show you that this industry effort is worthwhile—not only for consumers who are enjoying free radio on their smartphones, but for your radio stations as... Read more →

“Interactivity” Defined.

Providing interactivity, enhancing your content, delivering hybrid radio, giving listeners the full experience… Talking about NextRadio-readiness with broadcasters can sometimes sound like a grab bag of euphemisms, we know. So today we’d like to cut through the language and provide some clarity. What’s involved? How much time does this take? We talk all the time about Free and Full TagStation... Read more →

Word on the Street: Notes from NextRadio Listeners

The endless winter of 2014 is finally fading, and with the thaw comes the sprouts and shoots of a promising Spring for TagStation and NextRadio. The release of both the HTC One® (M8) and the Samsung Galaxy S®5 has created an impressive uptick in new listeners and furthered the adoption of NextRadio even faster than we could have hoped. Our... Read more →

NAB Show wrap-up + new phones!

PHEW! We’d love to do an intensive rundown of everything that happened last week at the NAB Show, but frankly, we still need to get together to digest it all. What we can do is provide a general update on the pace, the vibe, and the reaction… So this time around, we thought we’d do something a little different: we’ll... Read more →

2014 NAB Show Preview

A year ago, we were getting ready to premier NextRadio at the 2013 NAB Show. We had no commercial product yet, a carrier deal too young to even mention out loud, and only a handful of people on board. What was encouraging then is that the folks who came by our booth and tried the app loved what they saw.... Read more →

M2M Trendspotting

Welcome back! As we mentioned in our last post, we’ve done some interesting new analysis that tracks month-to-month growth in NextRadio use. One of the greatest benefits of this type of listening is the usage reporting, and that has been such a powerful tool in helping shape the story around NextRadio’s adoption, retention, and future. In this post, we’ll share... Read more →

The 411 on NASBA & MWC

What a week! Both the National Alliance of State Broadcaster Associations Winter Meeting in D.C. and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain have just concluded. We had a presence at both and have some great observations to share. We’ll provide a wrap-up of each event in this post, but first, let’s have a look at our current metrics… By the... Read more →

Retention Revisited

Back in the middle of December, we had a special report on listening habits that contained some revealing engagement analysis. After 90 days in the marketplace, we felt comfortable that our NextRadio app user base had grown out the confines of test and demo mode and into a real representative slice of American radio listening culture. Today, a little over... Read more →

2014 Super Goals

Over the holiday season, we spent a lot of time in this forum reflecting. It seemed appropriate and felt good. But as we march into February we thought we’d get on the offensive and talk goal-setting for the upcoming year. We’ve got big plans and players, and that’s our message today. We’ll get into detail below specific to NextRadio and... Read more →

A New Year's Resolution

Happy new year & welcome back. For this post, we’re going out on a limb and making the assumption that if you’re following this blog, you are an active member of the broadcast radio industry and therefore would have a vested interest in the success of the FM radio in smartphones initiative. Fair? Please read on! Since the FAQ post... Read more →

2013 – It’s a Wrap!

  Here it is: our last update of 2013 – a year that saw the introduction of the NextRadio product to the marketplace and witnessed an extraordinary collaboration of industries to make it happen. Though our work is never done, we’ll pause to say “Cheers!” and leave you with this short update before we nestle our heads ever-so-briefly into holiday... Read more →

Facts & FAQs

Welcome back, friends. This week, on top of some compelling new data about how our listeners are using the NextRadio app, we’ll try a little something new. It’s a Q&A! Questions about our products abound. They come in through our website, Facebook, Twitter, feedback in the app’s interface, TagStation support, from the media, and from you personally as we navigate... Read more →

Giving Thanks pt. 2

As we have now officially surpassed 100 days on the market and 100 five star reviews in Google, we’re back with an update. I knew about halfway through writing our last blog post that a few paragraphs weren’t enough to cover all the things we’re thankful for, so we’re doubling up. This time we’ll take a grateful look at the... Read more →

Giving Thanks pt. 1

While taking a look back at NextRadio’s first three months out in the marketplace, the feeling of gratitude was undeniable. So many pieces had to come together and start moving in sync with each other to bring us to the place we find ourselves now – from an idea spawned many years ago to people listening with a real, live... Read more →

The Reviews Are In…

A user-focused status report Today we wanted to shift gears a bit and give you an update on the user feedback we’re getting about NextRadio. Providing metrics is a great way to show our progress at a glance, but it doesn’t paint the full picture of how it’s being received by the public. Though the app still enjoys a 4.3... Read more →

New and Notable

A mid-October status report Joe Puglise, president of Clear Channel Radio New York, in his introduction for the NYMRAD event at Ad Week a couple weeks ago said, “Forty years ago, well before the digital revolution, 93 percent of the population listened to radio over the course of the week… And last year in 2012, 93 percent of the population... Read more →

Great Trends, New Friends

Here we are entering October. Sprint's marketing push has begun, and we're optimistic in the afterglow of two great recent showings. Given the larger amount of user data we now have to sample, we are able to confirm some positive trends... Read more →

The First Month

One month ago, we eagerly held our breath as the press release went out announcing the inclusion of the pre-installed NextRadio® app on two models of smartphone from Sprint. It was a soft launch. Piggybacking on Sprint's exclusive release of a red HTC One®... Read more →