Recently, John Legere, President of T-Mobile announced that he is “setting music free” by giving consumers what they want in music. He forgot to give access to FREE FM radio including NextRadio, the FREE app that allows you to see and hear local FM radio.

Check out this video message from NextRadio’s President, Paul Brenner encouraging T-Mobile to let their subscribers access FREE FM radio on their smartphones.

PB T-Mobile

Please help us spread the word encouraging T-Mobile to unlock the FM Chip during your station’s talk show tomorrow August 6, 2015. Here are some messaging you could use:

Radio Messaging

“Have you heard about the latest Twitter war? No it’s not between Drake and Meek Mill or Donald Trump and Danny Zucker.  Paul Brenner from NextRadio app made his own “uncarrier” video calling out CEO of TMobile, John Legere for giving his subscribers what they want in music, but he missed access to free radio on their smartphones! If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber you can help NextRadio app unlock your FM radio by going to and take action to tweet TMobile CEO John Legere and (hashtag) #sayyestoFMchip. That way you can listen to more of (dj name/talk show name/station) with NextRadio app – for free use less data and battery! What more could you ask for.”
Key points
  • Direct to to send a tweet from your twitter account supporting the NextRadio app unlock T-Mobile campaign
  • Use the hashtag #sayyestoFMchip
  • Tag @JohnLegere (CEO of T-Mobile) and/or @TMobile
  • Talk about Paul Brenner’s “uncarrier” video

Thanks for your support,
The NextRadio + TagStation Team

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