In creating the TagStation system for the radio industry, a main and overarching priority was to make it EASY – easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to do. We wanted the people already immersed in the ins-and-outs of running a station to see this as an extension of the content they’re already putting out to listeners, and have it feel like second nature to create visuals and interactions around it. With that in mind, as well as an ever-growing base of stations on board and delivering content, we’ve put a ton of focus lately on making sure our TagStation users have the resources they need to enhance their broadcasts and to ensure their stations look great on receiving devices.

In this post, we’ll talk about improvements to our support center to accomplish this in a much more scalable way, and best of all, it allows users to learn on their own time. As part of the new user onboarding process we provide a “roadmap” to learning, and new tutorial videos are the first step in that learning process. Much more on TagStation below.

Video_tuts_collage-1TagStation users, this one’s for you.

Without further ado, take a journey with us here:

This TagStation Support Center page may be familiar to those of you who have been using TagStation for a while now, but take a look at the new Step 1. is now your first stop in learning the basics of TagStation.

As the page says, here you will be able to learn TagStation in the most efficient and effective way possible, at your own pace and on your own timetable! In less than 30 minutes you’ll have the foundational knowledge you need to get started. The videos cover everything from general overviews and basics like filling in your station’s settings, to more detailed instruction on enhancing spots & promos or creating custom content cards for display in the NextRadio app.TS Tutorials

And what makes the learning center truly efficient is that you can follow a “learning track” based on your role at the radio station. The content of tracks are customized for those in Programming, Promotions/Marketing/Digital, Engineering, Sales, and Traffic. There are videos that dive deeper into each core area of TagStation, and you can pick and choose from these as your learning needs arise. Then of course, we recommend spending some time using TagStation. Most new users master the interface in a very short amount of time. If questions arise along the way, there are other resources in the learning center to get you quick help.

We hope you’ll see the immediate value in these videos and their take-aways. If you or your group would like to participate in a live overview session after utilizing these resources, please see the schedule of upcoming sessions HERE. As a TagStation user, you can also expect to see a new series of communications from us including updates, best practices, station success stories, and more that will keep you better informed and may give you a leg up on your competition.

If you’re reading this and NOT up and running on TagStation yet, we hope that after visiting the support center you can see the value, ease, and intuitiveness of the TagStation system. Contact Libby Hiple to get your station(s) on board! If you’d first like to hear more from Libby and missed her webinar on May 26, click here to register for her next one scheduled for June 10.
You’ll get important information about licensing TagStation, updates on reporting, info on how your station can use the system to generate ad revenue, and much more. Don’t miss it!LGStyloandG4

Moving Forward

New phones for the summer… Two nice new devices from LG have been added to our roster of NextRadio-enabled phones, bringing the total number of supported devices to 40. On May 13th, Boost Mobile introduced the LG G Stylo, which will also be available on Sprint Prepaid Plans on June 7 and Sprint on June 12. Also, the highly-anticipated LG G4 is arriving on June 5 preloaded with NextRadio only through Sprint. Pre-order yours today!

As always, thank you for helping us make the NextRadio app better each day with your station’s great content. We look forward to talking with you next month when we’ll be able to share some insightful new metrics and results with you! Adios.